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2014 Weekly Winners

Jan 18,2014

Beginner Division

Sierra   Maddie   Tori

1st Place- Sierra Carroll                2nd Place- Maddie Cantrell            3rd Place- Tori Fredrick



Junior Division

Caity  Faith and Jacob  Micheal Paul

1st Place- Caity Meinschein               2nd Place- Faith & Jacob          3rd Place- Micheal Paul Castleberry


Adult Division

melissa   jason 

1st Place - Melissa Jackson   2nd Place- Jason Carroll


Senior Adult Division

belinda   randall

1st place Belinda Moreno   2nd Place- Randall Massey


Instrumental Division

joe  kate

1st Place- Joey Fredrick         2nd Place- Kate Ward


Jan 25, 2014

Beginner Division

Maddie  Tori

1st Place- Maddie Cantrell       2nd Place- Tori Fredrick

Junior Division

Faith and Jacob  MP   Kolt

1st Place- Faith & Jacob            2nd Place- Micheal Paul       3rd Place-Kolt Boddy

Adult Division

Brandi   Jordan

1st Place- Brandi Gibson          2nd Place- Jordan Hall

Senior Adult Division

Dennis   Bill

1st Place- Dennis Wayne Bass   2nd Place- Bill Grimes

Instrumental Division

Kate   MP   Hannah

1st Place- Kate Ward                2nd Place- Micheal Paul             3rd Place- Hannah Gibson



Feb 2, 2014


Beginner Division

Laney  Lilly

1st- Laney Evans                2nd- Lilly Bea Ireland

Junior Division

Lexy  Wyatt  Micheal Paul

1st- Lexy Tays                       2nd- Wyatt Wood        3rd- Michael Paul Castleberry


Adult Division


1st- Josh Lancaster

Senior Adult Division

Stephanie  Rebecca  Bill  Chuck

1st- Stephanie Wood           2nd- Rebecca O'Conner        3rd- Bill Grimes                3rd- Chuck Wray


MP  nate

1st- Michael Paul Castleberry    2nd-Nate Brewer

February 15, 2014

Beginner Division

Garett  Kadence   Macey

1st- Garett Todd                2nd- Kadence Monroe         3rd-Macey Witt


Junior Division

Wyatt  joey  kolt

1st-Wyatt Wood                 2nd- Joey Fredrick             3rd- Kolt Boddy

Adult Division

brendan  pete  whitney  nikole

1st- Brendan Mings             2nd- Pete Lynd               3rd- Whitney Vaughn         3rd- Nikole Martin

Senior Adult

maddawg  kathryn

1st- Maddawg                      2nd-Kathryn Cody

Instrumental Division

hannah  tori  nate

1st- Hannah Gibson                2nd- Tori Fredrick             3rd- Nate Brewer


    February 22, 2014


Beginner Division

Carson  Arielle  Annelise  kadence

1st- Carson Denfip                2nd- Arielle Evans           2nd- Annelise Jones      3rd- Kadence Monroe

Junior Division

Wayd  kolt  Michael Paul

1st- Wayd Wood                 2nd- Kolt Boddy             3rd- Michael Paul Castleberry

Adult Division

Jordan  Amanda  Will

1st- Jordan Hall                   2nd- Amanda Benson          3rd- Will Wood

Senior Adult Division

Dee Dee  Bill

1st- Dee Dee Guthrie            2nd- Bill Grimes



1st- Tori Fredrick


March 1, 2014

Beginner Division

kadence  Anelise  Kaylin

1st- Kadence Monroe            2nd- Anelise Jones           3rd- Kaylin Denfip

Junior Division

Kennedy   kolt  Laurel

1st- Kennedy McCollom          2nd- Kolt Boddy                   3rd- Laurel Johnston

Adult Division

April  Kristen

1st- April Pemberton           2nd- Kristen Ellenberger

Senior Adult Division


Randall Massey

Instrumental Division


Laney Evans


March 8th, 2014

Beginner Divison

Darby  Annalise  abby

1st- Darby Asher                  2nd-Annelise Jones          3rd- Abby Griggs

Junior Division

kolt  mp  brooke

1st- Kolt Boddy                2nd- Michael Paul Castleberry    3rd- Brooke Wilson

Adult Division

amanda  kevin  kristen  davis

1st- Amanda Benson             1st- Kevin Harbison           2nd- Kristen Ellenburger   3rd- David Whytock

Senior Adult Division

danny  jeff  johnny

1st- Danny Sirls                  2nd- Jeff Davidson              3rd- Johnny Miller

Instrumental Division


Kadence Monroe

March 15th, 2014

Beginner Division

Maci  Annalise

1st- Maci Brewington             2nd- Annalise Jones

Junior Division

Jacob   Augusta  Laurel

1st- Jacob Jetton                  2nd- Augusta Campoli         3rd- Laurel Johnston

Adult Division

Corey  David

1st- Corey Evitts                 2nd- David Whytock

Senior Adult Division

Jeff  Johnny

1st- Jeff Davidson                2nd- Johnny Miller

March 22nd, 2014

Beginner Division

savanna  annelise  abby

1st- Savanna Fanter            2nd- Annelise Jones          3rd- Abby Griggs

Junior Division

summer  John   mp

1st- Summer Clapp             2nd- Johnathan Hutcherson    3rd- Michael Paul Castleberry

Adult Division

Kelsey and Brianna  eric  kelsey  david

1st- Kelsey & Briana Doster                    2nd- Eric Burgett         2nd- Kelsey Lowe                  3rd- David Whytock

Senior Adult Division

don  lona  rick

1st- Donald Doster           2nd- Lona Babbington          3rd- Rick Canup


March 29th, 2014


Beginner Division


Tori Fredrick

Junior Division

jon  lyd mp

1st- Jonathan Hutcherson   2nd- Lydia Manley               3rd- Michael Paul Castleberry

Adult Division

ja kris tim

1st- Jason Carroll              2nd- Kristen Ellenburger   3rd- Tim Franklin

Senior Adult Division

ed jo  do

1st- Edward Curtsinger     2nd- Johnny Miller             3rd- Doug Mullins

Instrumental Division


Elston Evans


April 5th, 2014

Beginner Division


Mason Ramsey

Junior Division

jaclyn  megan  joe  kenzie

1st- Jaclyn Batchelor          2nd- Megan Manning      3rd- Joey Fredrick            3rd- Kenzie Henson

Adult Division

amanda  kristen  trevin  renea

1st- Amanda Fox           1st- Kristen Ellenburger     2nd- Trevin Green           3rd- Renea Hicks

Senior Adult Division

Paula  Johnny  lona  ronnie

1st- Paula Edwards         2nd- Johnny Miller         3rd- Lona Babbington       3rd- Ronnie Fields


April 12th, 2014

Beginner Division

darby  Savanna   laney  Maci  

Darby Asher                      Savanna Fanter                Laney Evans                       Maci Brewington

mason  sierra  carson

Mason Ramsey                   Sierra Carroll                     Carson Denfip


Instrumental Division

kate  mp  joey  hannah

Kate Ward                      Michael Paul Castleberry      Joey Fredrick                Hannah Gibson


April 19, 2014

Junior Division

kenn  jacob  jon 

Kennedy McCollam            Jacob Jetton              Jonathan Hutcherson

summer  lexy  wyatt

       Summer Clapp                Lexy Tays                         Wyatt Wood

April 26, 2014

Adult Division

brandi  josh  amanda 

Brandi Gibson                      Josh Lancaster                 Amanda Benson

kelsey and briana  jason  melissa

   Kelsey & Briana Doster                       Jason Carroll                         Melissa Jackson


May 3rd, 2014

Senior Adult Division

danny  donald  edward  stephanie

Danny Sirls                       Donald Doster                Edward Curtsinger          Stephanie Wood

maddawg  dee dee

Maddawg                          Dee Dee Guthrie

May 10th, 2014

Beginner- Junior Semi Finals

Beginner Division

mason   maci  darby  laney

Mason Ramsey                     Maci Brewington                  Darby Asher                        Laney Evans


Junior Division

kennedy  summer  jonathan  wyatt

Kennedy McCollom            Summer Clapp                Jonathan Hutcherson         Wyatt Wood


May 17th, 2014

Adult Division

brandi   kevin  kelsey and brianna

Brandi Gibson                   Kevin Harbison                   Kelsey & Brianna Doster


Senior Adult Division

Danny  Maddawg  dee dee

Danny Sirls                               Maddawg                 Dee Dee Guthrie


May 24th, 2014

Grand Finals

Beginner Division              

Darby  laney mason  maci

1st- Darby Asher              2nd- Laney Evans      3rd- Mason Ramsey    4th- Maci Brewington

Junior Division

summer     jonathan        kennedy       wyatt

1st- Summer Clapp   2nd- Jonathan Hutcherson  3rd- Kennedy McCollam    4th- Wyatt Wood


Adult Division

Brandi  kevin  dosters

Brandi Gibson                2nd- Kevin Harbison       3rd- Kelsey & Brianna Doster


Senior Adult Division

dee dee  danny  maddawg

1st- Dee Dee Guthrie     2nd- Danny Sirls           3rd- Maddawg (Mike Hinkle)


Instrumental Division

hannah  joey kate  mp

1st- Hannah Gibson       2nd-Joey Fredrick        3rd- Kate Ward           4th- Michael Paul Castleberry


People's Choice Winner


Danny Sirls


Over All Winner


Brandi Gibson