Coaching for Young Performers

Clay Campbell offers Professional Advice, Insight, Training & Guidance for on stage performance

Now You Can Get The Type Of Training Usually Available Only To Professional Entertainers Signed To A Major Record Label!

As founder and owner of the Kentucky Opry, Mr Campbell can help you achieve a much better stage presence and posture by offering a critique of your performances. He offers insight, and solid words of wisdom to help you improve in all areas of a stage performance. He coaches you you and helps you in these areas:

Your Stage Presence
Picking the right songs for your voice
Your Movement on Stage
Developing you own Image
Get Over Stage Fright–Learn How it Happens and How to Overcome it
Dress for Best Effect
Promo Packets
Learn Effective Microphone Techniques
Learn Effective Eye Contact
Learn how to have more confidence in yourself
Learn the secret to Communicate the Message of a Song
Connecting with the Audience
Learn How to Handle An Interview
Vocal Performance Guidance
How to Relate to a Band
Improve Your Chances of “Making It” in the Music Business
Mr Campbell is a available for a one time two hour session which includes: A critique of your video performance, a one on one with you offering insight and guidance on any of the above mentioned areas. You also get a second video critique follow up to see how you are doing on implementing the ideas and suggestions Mr Campbell gives you. Fee $300. Mr Campbell also does weekly ongoing lessons. (see below)

Singers and musicians usually need a little help in getting started. They see the music videos online and on TV, hear the music on CD’s and Radio and want to do that too. Many set lofty goals about being the next American Idol or be the next Kenny Chesney or Sara Evans or Taylor Swift. With TV shows like Nashville Star, America’s most Talented Kids, American Idol. 1000’s of people want to: “Be like George Strait, Faith Hill, Brooks and Dunn or Carrie Underwood.” They see fun, excitement, fame and fortune. These famous performers are their hero’s. They don’t see the heartache, disappointment and struggles. Most have unrealistic expectations. Just like many young athletes want to be in the Olympics but a very very few make it top and win a gold medal.

Mr Campbell can help you with singing on pitch, your song choice, stage presence, working the crowd, develop a strong confidence, development of your own style, the making of a CD, career advice, overcome fear of losing, overcome fear of people, how to find places to perform, and dealing with unrealistic expectations.

Mr Campbell teaches fiddle/ violin, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, mandolin, and bass. He teaches how to read, how to play by ear, and how to sing the harmony parts. Mr Campbell does weekly music lessons but only takes a very limited number of students. They must have a strong desire to learn, and be willing to practice. The coaching fee is $92 per month for a four-week month. (For a 30 minute lesson) You pay up front for the month. If there are five weeks it’s $115.00

“Spectacular performance is always preceded by: unspectacular preparation, hard work, struggles, disappointment, hurts, stress, and practice, practice, practice for years and years. I believe a minimum of seven years before you can say you’ve paid your dues and only then will you see the fruits of your labor.”

Clay Campbell

For availabilities of lesson times email Or call 270-527-3869.

Mr Campbell has recorded in Nashville with the best musicians in the world, been on TV many times, had his records played on the top radio stations in the USA, written five books and own a very successful Country Music Theatre Venue.

Mr Campbell has helped thousands of performers by giving them an opportunity to perform with a “live band” and sing in front of a crowd in a non smoking-no alcohol venue.

Mr Campbell has been privileged to sit and talk at length with many “big Stars” about their careers, struggles and successes. Those include Bill Monroe, Jerry Clower, Jimmy Dickens, Porter Wagoner, Merle Haggard, Connie Smith, Ronnie Milsap, Don Williams, Ray Price, Jim ED Brown, Dolly Parton, Mel Tillis, Pam Tillis, Rhonda Vincent, Barbara Fairchild and many more. He has been a musician and entertainer singer since 1963. As a result of this experience Mr Campbell has solid sage wisdom, insight and advice for anyone wanting to be a performer on stage.